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Rudd's Secret Industrial Inquisition

Rudd’s Secret Industrial Inquisition

Howard’s blandly named Australian Building and Construction Commission, the ABCC remains under Rudd. I re-wote an earlier film review when I heard that in august 2008 the ABCC, under PM Rudd and Minister Gillard, is prosecuting Victorian CFMEU Noel Washington who faces 6 months jail for not answering questions about a union meeting. One way […]

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Exploitation and suppressing strikes in Australia

AUSTRALIA’S WORKCHOICES: EXPLOITATION AND SUPRESSING STRIKES Or do not follow Australian Labour Law Paper for San Francisco Labor Centre University of California Berkeley by Chris White March 2007 Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard proudly aligns his politics with President Bush. PM Howard has led a right-wing neo-liberal government since 1996 and in July 2005 won […]

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strike as a last resort

The right to politically strike

The right to strike on political issues is a controversial contested industrial relations and labour law issue. I wrote this in 2005 and the arguments are more relevant under Rudd Labor. Governments and employers use labour law against the political protests of striking unionists. Controlling industrial action by sanctions (almost) extinguishes the right to strike. […]

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Women workers will be worse off under WorkChoices

Women face challenges to hold onto rights at work against blackheart Howard 26/6/2005

Women face challenges to hold onto rights at work against blackheart Howard 26/6/2005 Before WorkChoices: Speech ACT Unions Rally Liberal Party Convention Canberra ‘All workers are asking for is human dignity; not to be treated as commodities; not to be treated as servants or worse as slaves to whatever the corporation or government wants. All […]

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right to strike

From Penal Colony to Penal Powers

The right to strike yesterday and today The right to strike is always agreed in principle. “We won’t remove the right to strike”, the Work Choices ads said. Employers agree “subject to restrictions” to protect their class interests. The Australian Council of Trade Union policy is for the workers’ right to withdraw labour without sanctions. […]

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