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CBA breaching anti-terror laws

Now, Minister Dutton can have CBA executives held without charge and interrogated for breaching anti-terrorism and money laundering laws!

Six Commonwealth Bank ATM deals may be linked to terrorism funding, Austral says Read here

Commonwealth Bank unmasked: why the government is suing over alleged terrorism trail – explainer
Austrac is accusing the CBA of money-laundering and terrorism-financing breaches, claiming ‘suspicious transactions’ went on for years

CBA facing class action
Is APRA’s Commonwealth Bank inquiry enough to stave off a royal commission?
Adele Ferguson
The prudential watchdog’s decision to join other regulators in the Commonwealth Bank “culture attack” has been a long time coming.
To be blunt, it should have happened years ago.

Tighter liquidity at near-zero rates makes it harder to profit from lending money. Banks, therefore, are pushing up fees and chasing swindles. They are acting as ATMs for drug-dealers, gun-runners, terrorists – not to mention tax-dodgers. That is the name of their game.

The ‘culture’ problem is not inside Deutshce Bank or the Commonwealth Bank. The culture problem is real existing capitalism. What never makes the headlines is the laundering of cash from the exploitation of wage-slaves. That core business is not a crime.

Our job is to make wage-slavery a crime. The only way to do that is put an end to the capitalist system. As we said last time, calls for a Royal Commission into capitalism aren’t going to succeed. Anyway, the Report is already in. It’s called Das Kapital. In two weeks, we shall celebrate its 150th birthday.

Humphrey McQueen

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