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Put rorters last

Does not pass the verandah test. August 2015
I am ‘north’, joining on the pub verandah the smokers in the corner and on my second pint, catching up.
Weather talk.Human Rights
I know they know I bring up politics.
‘MP entitlements.’ I suggest.
‘Crook.’ Rubbing my hands.
Jo, Bob and Martin grump.
In agreement.
Jo The Plumber comes up with what to do.
‘Put the rorters last,’ he concludes.
‘Rorters.’ pause
‘Yes. Last.’ We agree.
More drinking. Smoking.
‘What can we do but complain. Loudly, I say.’ Chris:Laugh.
‘Bastards!’ moving to up-beat.
No response.
‘Bastards determine their conditions under their wages system. MPs Work Value and Comparative Wage Justice system.’
I steer us down a favorite political story.
‘Our wage and conditions determination under the ‘fair’ Work Act cf MPs Salaries and Conditions Tribunal.’
‘This leads logically to the ‘welcomed, crisis amongst our ruling 1%’. pause
Passive. Yes. pause
Another round.
Weather turns cold.
Bob The Welder, ‘First class for kids, a bit much.’
Martin The Teacher. We named Martin – his Indonesian name is funny.
‘They should pay out of their salary. Corruption.’
Corruption was Martin’s take on politics.
We mutted approval.
Vintage Reds Canberrajpg
‘Dishonest.’ Bob
‘They deliberately falsify’ Jo
After awhile… we agree they know what they do.
‘Risk getting away with it.’ Jo pause
‘Bronny. Caught.’ Bob
‘Fair enough.’ Jo pause
More smokes. More drinks.
Strange weather brews.
We ruminate on family reunion. At times fair, we agree.
‘Pay back the difference of business class, at least.’ Jo
‘No, we don’t get paid for kids to come to events.’ Martin
We agree.
‘Great to see Pyne squirm.’ Chris
‘Pyne’s in trouble with X.’ Jo
See earlier post ‘on the verandah’ how months into AbbottPM, Jo – who earlier proudly voted for Abbott citing Rudd/Gillard – turned against Pyne’s lies and hates him and Abbott. His son struggles through University.
‘That Gray is crap.’ Bob works welding off-shore oil/gas. ‘Bosses dog.’ His tale recounts Gray’s crook corporate ALP lobbying.
‘Burke’s gone.’ Jo
‘Albo’s into it.’Martin
‘It’s a great joke. We can’t get close to a helicopter without thinking Bronny!!’ Bob
We fall about.
‘Good bye, Bronny.’ Bob
‘No more Bronny on FB.’ Jo
‘No more Bronny.’ Bob
‘They should prosecute her, like Slipper.’ Chris, I get a point in.
‘All corrupt.’ Martin
‘Only 19% supported her in the end.’ Bob
‘Phillip Ruddock charges us to fly to his far-North Queensland beachfront apartment.’ Chris
‘Then there’s Hockey. Outrageous.’ Bob
‘Labor just as bad. David Feeney claims nearly $100,000 a year on printing.’ Jo
‘Sarah Hanson-Young charges us for Mardi Gras.’ We know Bob is down on the Greens.
‘They are paid too much. Look the base rate is $193,000 for a back-bencher. Then their “entitlements” roll-in, endlessly. Ministers get more. AbbottPM one of the highest in the world.’ Jo
‘They are working all the time – it’s their case. OK. It is their choice. Politics is different.’ Chris
‘Always have a meeting. Abbott’s rule. They all do it.’ Martin
‘Weddings all the go.’ Jo
‘Adani’s wedding. They are all working.’ Martin
‘Snouts in the trough.’
‘Same all over the world.’ Martin pause
‘I don’t like trial by media.’ Chris
The others disagree.
‘Trial by social media, OK.’ Agree.
‘Not all are bad’. Chris White
‘Some innocents are defamed.’
I tell the story before but again how a friend had been falsely accused and won a defamation case against the Murdoch empire, a small compensation for the slur of rotter.
Hockey budget 2014
‘I’ve advocate for public hospital surgeons.The enterprise agreement says on-call all the time.same as MPs’ Chris White, union advocate.
‘Same here, that’s what happens’. Bob
‘And they do and get paid for it, plus all the penalty rates, allowances – and so they should.’ Chris
We agree on this.
Doubts over the application of our own conditions.
We are similar to MPs. We are highly paid ‘but we under our boss’s ruling’.
‘MPs are under the people’s vote.’Jo
’What a joke, Tony says the system is crook, not Bronny.’ Laugh.”It’s the rules.’
‘Work value is what is wanted on MP entitlements.’ Chris, irony.
They agree. I do a review. ‘Put the unions in on the case!’ Much laughter.
‘They’re all corrupt.’ Martin.
‘Not so. All clean.’ But I let ‘all union bosses are corrupt’ go through to the keeper.
‘Study leave. All rort this.’ Jo
‘Staff allowed. Corruption.’ Martin
‘Electorate allowances, rorts.’
‘Printing rorts.’
‘Travelling rorts. First class Sydney to Canberra.’
‘Retirement rorts.’
‘Overseas travel, rorts.’ Martin
‘Life Gold passes.’
‘Over half billion all up, I am told. Waste.’ Chris
‘$2.24 million average for each MP. Unbelievable.’ Martin
‘For starters, all MPs publish last week’s expenses on the Parliamentary Website. Pro rata – work and not work.
X is pushing it.’ Chris
‘Code of conduct, set of principles for them. Everyone has this.’Chris
‘No, it wouldn’t work. They’s still rort.’ Martin
MP rorts the public don’t see. Read here
‘Abbot’s in more trouble.’ Jo
‘They’re all in more trouble.’ Martin
No doubt.
‘The challenge.’ Bob
‘Can’t wait.’ Jo
‘Yes.’ We – in unison.
‘Vote out all the rorters.’ Bob
‘It is popular.’ We agree.
‘Govenor-General sacks the rorters.’ Jo
I am tempted to give Jo a civics lesson, but GG won’t.
‘Bring on the Double-Dissolution.’ Martin
I am tempted to suggest that a Double-Dissolution is out of the question, with AbbottPM.
To Jo:‘I thought you don’t vote.’ Chris
Mmm… pause
‘You’re really an anarchist.’ I say to Jo.
Much laughter. Hilarious. Pause
More drinks.
‘Could work’, I surmised, out loud.
‘No, politics does not work like this. Still…’ I think, pessimistically.
The heat is intense.
More drinks.
Weather is worse. pause
‘The rorters are to blame for global warming.’ Martin pause
‘What to do?’ Jo thinks.

strike as a last resort weapon

strike as a last resort weapon

‘Talk turns to Michael Clarke…’
‘Oh! Oh!’
‘Dinner time.’
‘Here come the girls … wives.’
‘We be off.’
I do my Chinese bow. ‘Till we meet again.’
capitalist crisis severe

capitalist crisis severe


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