China's new Labor Laws: employment contract reforms

China’s new Labor Laws: employment contract reforms

November 2007 China’s new labor law system on employment contracts promises to protect their precarious workforce from the excesses of capitalism. The 10th National People’s Congress (NPC) passed Labor Law Contracts on June 29th 2007. They are in force from 1st January 2008. What are the industrial relations issues addressed? What are the new rights […]

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Rights on site campaigns to abolish the ABCC

Provoking Construction and Building Workers 2005 Senate submission

˜The right of workers to leave their jobs is a test of freedom. Hitler suppressed strikes. Stalin suppressed strikes. But each also suppressed freedom. There are some things worse than strikes, much worse than strikes “ one of them is the loss of freedom.” US Republican President Eisenhower. ˜WE WON’T take away the right to […]

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