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On productivity

Productivity of what for whom from Workers Bush Telegraph by Humphrey McQueen Musical chairs among the parliamentary cretins brought no change to the gabble around ‘productivity’. As Rudd’s Education Minister, Gillard had spelt out that her policy even for pre-schoolers was to drive up productivity. Abbott is going to refer industrial relations to the […]

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May Day 2013

1. From Darwin Northern Territory Australia May Day Dinner • 7pm Saturday 4 May at Darwin Railway Sports and Social Club Parap. Guest Speaker Dr Chris Burns, 200 tickets at $50 per head are available from Darwin Railway Sports and Social Club Parap phone 08 8981 4171. Support APHEDA buy raffle tickets • Union Awards […]

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Sharing last 30 years? Profits up, wages down!

Matt Cowgill’s research is good. Unionists are armed with key facts and arguments. Please download and read his Report “Shrinking Slice of the Pie.” Here is ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver. A shrinking slice of pie: new research shows wages share of national income falling behind profits “New research by the ACTU reveals that wages have […]

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After Wisconsin 15 – building solidarity

15—Building Communities of Solidarity from Madison to Bend Fernando Gapasin from Wisconsin Uprising Labor Fights back “At the 2011 Left Forum in New York City, in a discussion about building a workers’ offensive, London-based labor economist Paul Mason spoke of the importance of creating new cultures of struggle and creating communities that actively support […]

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US workers: Wisconsin Uprising 2

2—Capitalist Crisis and the Wisconsin Uprising ANDREW SERNATINGER Following from the introduction of the book “Wisconsin Uprising Labor Fights” back edited by Michael D. Yates see Excerpts from chapter 2: “Throughout February and March of 2011, I couldn’t help but wonder if I were living in a folktale: in a flash tens of thousands […]

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US Labor’s Civil War in California

“Labor’s Civil War in California could be an essential element in the redundancy protections of democratic unionism. It should be read by every union member.

It should be carried in their hip pocket, to be pulled out and referenced every time there is the slightest whiff of corruption rising from the employer or the union hierarchy.

If we have learned anything over the past three years, it is that unions can get too big, when they are corrupted by the bosses, to maintain or revive integrity.”

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China in revolt

China in Revolt by Eli Friedman Few in the West are aware of the drama unfolding in today’s “epicenter of global labor unrest.” A scholar of China exposes its tumultuous labor politics and their lessons for the Left. The Chinese working class plays a Janus-like role in the political imaginary of neoliberalism. On the one […]

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Right to strike speech

My speech ‘Strike, right to strike and workers’ control’ published here

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Strike debates

The right to strike, strikes and workers’ control at the ACTU Congress 2012 by Chris White. Unionists need to organise for the right to strike, for the effective strike and for workers’ control. 1. Unions’ right to strike campaign is to repeal all Fair Work Act penal powers and for a ‘firewall’ protection for workers […]

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