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More on 'Reviving the strike'

More on ‘Reviving the strike’

Joe Burns blog argues that the labor movement must revive an effective strike based on the traditional tactics of labor–stopping production and workplace-based solidarity. The blog also promotes Joe Burns book, published by IG Publishing in May 2011, Reviving the Strike: How Working People Can Regain Power and Transform America. See my earlier post recommending […]

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strike weapon as a last resort

Stand tall

Stand Tall for Ark Tribe Come gather round and listen To the thunder rolling in, ˜Cos the rich are trying to break us And we’re not gonna let them win. Well they tried it on the wharfies With scabs and thugs and lost, So how to break the building sites Where the workers won’t be […]

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right to strike

Construction Stasi

Australia’s ˜Construction Stasi” by Humphrey McQueen Dare Australia’s Labor government gaol Adelaide builders’ labourer, Ark Tribe? Tribe’s crime is that he refuses to attend a secret hearing of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). His failure to appear renders him liable to six months in prison or a fine of $22,000. Similar penalties apply […]

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Repressive IR laws against building and construction workers have to go now

I have read many legal cases where the conduct of Howard’s industrial policeforce the the ABCC is in question. The latest on friday is the acting chief justice of the Federal Court Justice Jeffery Spencer accusing the ABCC of bias in pursuing an unfounded coercion case against the plumbing union and its leader while ignoring […]

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joe hill

The Right to Politically Protest 2006

I wrote this in July 2006. One would have thought that protection for workers withdrawing their labour to attend ACTU community assemblies protesting against WorkChoices was a basic democratic freedom. But under a Rudd government, like Howard’s WorkChoices, it may/does remain unlawful. On Wednesday 28th June 2006, hundreds of thousands of people attended protest rallies, […]

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right to strike

Workers’ Rights?

Repeal the Building Industry Act and WorkChoices Sydney August 16 2008 I support the campaign of the ACTU and the Construction Forest Mining and Energy Union and Noel Washington. I deal with: Right to strike for industry bargaining and right to strike to save the environment. Australian workers’ legal rights remain amongst the worst in […]

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Howard's anti-union agenda: Prohibited Content

Howard’s anti-union agenda: Prohibited Content

The following 2006 comment focuses on one of the new details of WorkChoices, that of ˜prohibited content”. Content for enterprise agreements that are legally prohibited are ˜union-friendly claims”. They were formerly lawful content in collective bargaining agreements. This assumes some knowledge of WorkChoices and how it is unfair for workers and their unions and gives […]

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Rights on site campaigns to abolish the ABCC

First the Verdict: The true story of the Cole Commission into building and construction workers

Book review First published: Australian Options, No. 35, Summer 2004 First the Verdict is a first rate expose of the Howard Government’s $60 million Cole Building Industry Royal Commission as a witch hunt against the building unions. Published on the day former Minister for Workplace Relations Tony Abbott released the Cole recommendations, First the […]

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Rudd's Secret Industrial Inquisition

Rudd’s Secret Industrial Inquisition

Howard’s blandly named Australian Building and Construction Commission, the ABCC remains under Rudd. I re-wote an earlier film review when I heard that in august 2008 the ABCC, under PM Rudd and Minister Gillard, is prosecuting Victorian CFMEU Noel Washington who faces 6 months jail for not answering questions about a union meeting. One way […]

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