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Superannuation: SRI and CSR - hype or reality?

Superannuation: SRI and CSR – hype or reality?

THE SUPERANNUATION QUESTION SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY HYPE OR REALITY? 2004 I take up one key issue, that of the question of Socially Responsible Investment, SRI, often called ethical investment together with Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR. SRI is superannuation fund investing in socially responsible companies. CSR refers to those companies that report […]

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Stand Up for the Burrup

Stand Up for the Burrup

When recently in Perth we attended an afternoon with FARA Friends of Australian Rock Art. This was the day before Labor Carpenter, who had supported Woodside and failed to protect this unique national heritage listed site, lost government. Now with the Liberal government FARA continues to campaign to save the Burrup/Murujuga. Contact Conservation Council […]

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McQueen on 'How to lose a trillion' and 'McValue'

McQueen on ‘How to lose a trillion’ and ‘McValue’

How to lose a trillion. (2 October) When the radio news reported that the New York Stock market had “lost” a trillion dollars, my eyes glazed over. A trillion is what Douglas Hofstader calls a Very Big Number, meaning that we have no way of coping with so many zeros after the one ($1,000,000,000,000). Those […]

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AT LAST A HOME! The Need For Public Housing: 2004

Update: In the debate on homelessness here I did not record the speech of Bob Day who wants to privatise the SA Housing Trust and drive down wages and defeat the building unions – now ex-Senator Day. In November 2016, there is worse homelessness and is not addressed by our political elite. Housing action groups […]

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