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Campaign to stop the TPP in 2016

Campaign to stop the TPP legislation in 2016 hots up in Australia and elsewhere. Unions and Community groups are meeting for the next stage of the TPP campaign in 2016. See issues here 1. Earlier on this blog in 2015 2. AFTINET Lobby MPS and Senators now.Block the legislation. Info here Minister […]

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Return of ABCC before Senate, again

The Turnbull Government is trying to again destroy building and construction unions, remove the right to strike, sacrifice worker safety by bringing back the ABCC to criminalise union organising. The ABCC will do nothing to stop corruption, it’s just another attack on workers and unions. Join the campaign and sign the petition: Crikey reiterates […]

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Michael O'Connor CFMEU

Making Portland a class struggle

Here I post reports of the MUA Portland struggle building a class struggle against the Turnbull and corporate attack on Australian jobs. See at end update on same happens to seamen sacked on the CSL Melbourne. Video of militant speeches at the Melbourne Portland rally 27/1/2016 please distribute Photos of Melbourne rally I travelled […]

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Dyson dumps TURC on workers

For background on Dyson Heydon’s $80 million union-hunt TURC see here And here the former Minister for Employment Eric Abetz released the Interim Report of the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. The Royal Commission has not found any corruption in the CFMEU. Instead they have made recommendations and findings regarding industrial […]

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Bernie Sanders for US President

Here I post the US Presidential contest and Bernie Sanders democratic socialist, like Obama, is heading off Hilary Clinton and able to beat Trump. Read articles following: Update: Sanders: ‘Virtual Tie’ in Iowa Sends Establishment a Profound Message Sanders acknowledges ‘cautious optimism,’ but observers recognize key role early victory may have for campaign that has […]

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Joe Hill by Mike Alewitz

Joe Hill – The Man Who Never Died concert

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
 Alive as you or me
 Says I, But Joe, you’re ten years dead I never died, says he
 I never died, says he. Labour, Anti-War Singer/Songwriter and Folk Musician Returns to Australia to Celebrate Joe Hill! Melbourne Saturday 28th November VTHC Bella Union 2pm. Come celebrate the […]

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Ongoing Timor Leste oil /gas battle with Australia

Earlier posts Update: Special Lateline Senator Xenophon calls for Royal Commission

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Campaign against the TPP

I post various arguments against the TPP Trans Pacific Partnership that has been signed and to be ratified by each country. Updates first: The TPP text has been released and our fears confirmed – it’s time to organise major activities. It is not over yet.Unions and communities in US, New Zealand and Japan are gearing […]

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50 years ago: Indonesian Army massacres leftists and Javanese fascist Suharto rules

Update: With saddened hearts we share the news that the Indonesian government has forced the 2015 Ubud Writer’s & Reader’s Festival to cancel all sessions on the 1965-66 massacre. Indonesian voices silenced again. Bali festival censored over 1965 massacre discussion Ubud festival banned discussing 1965 massacre Discussion of research on 1965 massacre […]

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