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ACTU President Ged Kearney

Against Abbott’s ‘Fair’ Work amendments

One of the amendments that Tony Abbott is trying to push through the Senate will allow companies to bargain with themselves for new companies and projects. This lets big business lock in lower wages and poor safety standards. It’s madness. And there is much more. Contact a Senator and ask them to vote NO to […]

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MUA Bust the Budget

On unions – july 2014

The royal commission into trade unions is a political witch hunt. If Ministers have ordered the public service to pursue this anti-democratic frolic, it’s a clear abuse of power. The government is aiming for a union-free Australia. by Tim Lyons The residents of the right-wing fever swamp on the internet who are following the process […]

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Dave Oliver Bust the Budget

ACTU claims

From the ACTU. UNION RESPONSES TO THE HOCKEY BUDGET 2014-15 Please take steps to organise around these or similar claims in workplaces. INTRODUCTION The 2014-15 Federal Budget includes a range of proposed measures which will directly affect the living standards of Australian workers and their families. If they are implemented, they will result in increased […]

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right to strike

ITUC right to strike

New Legal Report: Right to Strike Backed by International Law 3 June 2014 Human and trade union rights, Right to Strike A new 122-page ITUC legal report, confirming that the right to strike is protected under international law, has been released today as employers try to overturn decades of jurisprudence at the International Labour Organisation. […]

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Bust the budget rally

Tips on the political strike

Once more: tips on the right to politically strike. For example, get your employer to agree to the industrial action protesting politically. Even when your employer does not agree, ensure the merits of why you are taking this political strike prevails. Years of regular political strikes ahead means explaining in addition to the why? of […]

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bullshit budget

Budget responses

After the large March in March, Melbourne had again 20,000 in the first Budget Sunday communities March in May. The VTHC is organising further working class responses.Stop-work to attend the Budget protest on June 12th 10.30 am at the VTHC,Trades Hall (54 Victoria St). This Budget Fight back was debated at the All Unions General […]

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Unions attacked

The class attack on Australian unions. Here are these 12 recent union stories. Update: Politically predictable under instructions Dyson Heydon starts with muckraking against Julia Gillard and an AWU “slush fund” in the 1990s! But Dyson Heydon is not to investigate Liberal/National party slush funds!- see Dave Oliver ACTU request at end of this post. […]

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right to strike

More on reviving unions

Update: This is a great read “Unions need to build power.”Verso has published the first paperback edition of Jane McAlevey’s “Raising Expectations (And Raising Hell)”, a memoir of her decade-long work in the labor movement. Here is an extract with relevance for Australian unionists.”Every strategy available to our union side relies upon sustaining high participation. […]

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joe hill

More on left union challenges

Again as Australian unions follow US unions, this detailed criticism on US unions is relevant for Australian unions An Interview With Staughton Lynd About the Labor Movement by Andy Piascik For more than 50 years, Staughton Lynd has been a leading radical in the United States. He was an engaged supporter of the Black […]

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