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Vale: Rob Durbridge

My initial thoughts on Rob Durbridge. Please add yours. Thanks Wendy, below. There was a good get together and memorable stories to Farewell Rob Durbridge. AEU 163 Greenhill Road, Parkside, 5:30 – 7.30 PM Wednesday, 26 November 2014. Update: Rob Durbridge leaves an international legacy of passionate advocacy for education, workers’ rights, social justice and […]

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From Eureka stockades

From Eureka stockades

Humphrey McQueen talks at the EUREKA DINNER ADELAIDE 15 November 2014 Imagine for a minute or two that we have been transported from the AEU offices, past South Terrace to the Adelaide Club on North Terrace. Of course, the likes of us will be waiting on tables and scrubbing in the kitchen but we might […]

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Human Rights

On Whitlam

McQueen on Whitlam; Pilger on Kerr/CIA dismissal 1. A Whitlam trifecta By Humphrey McQueen The passing of Edward Gough Whitlam signifies more than the death of one man. Whitlam is the only Labor prime minister whose name became an –ism, an endowment which continues to evoke veneration and loathing. He will wish to be remembered […]

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Corporates no tax

Corporations avoid tax

From United Voice: Who pays our Commonwealth? We examined the last decade worth of taxes by the Countries biggest companies. We found 29% have an effective tax rate of 10% or less. Worse, 14% have an effective tax rate of 0%! That means more than 1 in 10 of the top two hundred companies in […]

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Hong Kong

Kevin Lin on Occupy Hong Kong. The protests have arisen out of anger toward China’s encroachment into Hong Kong politics after the latter’s return to China in 1997. While notionally permitting a high degree of autonomy, China has impeded moves towards direct election of its Legislative Council and Chief Executive, as encoded in its Basic […]

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Photo from Waging Peace on War: Canberra. WACA Peace Convergence copy

Terror and politics

Rob Stary – Civil rights lawyer: Terror raids are ‘political theatre’ Saturday, September 27, 2014 Rob Stary: ‘The facts that emerge at the end of the day never bear much resemblance to what was said at the time of the arrests.’ Criminal lawyer Rob Stary has represented many people accused under Australian “counter-terror” laws. Green […]

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More against war

Australia is not independent from US; steps to stop war; Lockheed Martin takedown; on NGOs to work for disarmament;political hype on threat to Australia; peace activities, IPAN – protest against war now! 1. Antony Loewenstein: “Of course Australia is going back to Iraq. That’s how a US client is expected to behave Rock solid but […]

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ACTU President Ged Kearney

Update: Urgent – Lobby Senators against Abbott’s work amendments

ACTU: Workplace and union and community organising on workplace amendments that are not in the interests of workers. See my earlier posts Senate lobbying. Discuss how to add your voice urging Senators to reject the Abbott and Abetz “Fair” Work Act amendments. As well as the ALP and Greens, contact the “Independents” now. Petition […]

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More on Gaza

More on Gaza actions: Melbourne activists; APHEDA Victoria Gaza appeal; Pilger; Archbishop Tutu call to support BDS;Israel steals Gaza gas; 1. Melbourne activists occupy Israel Elbit weapon systems As well… 2. From APHEDA Union Aid Abroad The Gaza Strip has been subjected to daily airstrikes and naval bombings from the Israeli military, leaving over […]

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