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Photo from Waging Peace on War: Canberra. WACA Peace Convergence

No more war in Iraq

PM Abbott follows Obama sending in “Special Forces” to “guard our Embassy”. Peace groups say no new military intervention into Iraq. Statement issued by IPAN – Independent and Peaceful Australia Network June 24, 2014 Anti-war and peace groups from across the nation are uniting to urge the Australian government not to involve itself in any […]

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Jokowi wins Indonesian Presidential elections

Jokowi wins Indonesian Presidential elections

I follow the Indonesian Presidential elections: Jokowi v Prabowo. I will be in Solo, Indonesia for the election July 9th. Update July 22nd: And so Jokowi wins, comfortably. Jakarta was quiet around the streets of the Presidential palace. The return of the Old Fascist Order is now held back. I guess Prabowo’s ‘tactic’ of resigning […]

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Bust the budget rally

Tips on the political strike

Once more: tips on the right to politically strike. For example, get your employer to agree to the industrial action protesting politically. Even when your employer does not agree, ensure the merits of why you are taking this political strike prevails. Years of regular political strikes ahead means explaining in addition to the why? of […]

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Bust the Budget Melbourne  2014

Beyond Medicare—Towards Wellness

Update:Healthcare is not a product, no matter what neoliberalism has taught us Even the staunchest opponents of neoliberalism have been infected by its presumptions. The current Australian healthcare debate is our moment to re-learn what universal provision actually is Beyond Medicare—Towards Wellness By Humphrey McQueen Seeing Red, 2003, (slightly updated) The current campaigns to […]

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bullshit budget

Budget responses

After the large March in March, Melbourne had again 20,000 in the first Budget Sunday communities March in May. The VTHC is organising further working class responses.Stop-work to attend the Budget protest on June 12th 10.30 am at the VTHC,Trades Hall (54 Victoria St). This Budget Fight back was debated at the All Unions General […]

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joe hill

More on left union challenges

Again as Australian unions follow US unions, this detailed criticism on US unions is relevant for Australian unions An Interview With Staughton Lynd About the Labor Movement by Andy Piascik For more than 50 years, Staughton Lynd has been a leading radical in the United States. He was an engaged supporter of the Black […]

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WSN  Right To Strike flyler - front page - FINAL

Developing left unions

This debate is on challenges for developing left Australian unions. 1. From Don Sutherland “I am very interested to see where discussion by Bill Fletcher about these theses heads? see below It is very much about the situation in the USA, but I know that several concepts that are addressed are directly or indirectly […]

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McQueen on Anzac

Anzac ‘History wars’ are about how to control the future. They are not disputes over the past. Rather, stories about the past are pressed into service to buttress the needs of each class and imperium. Nowhere is this practice more blatant than in the reinvention of ANZAC since the 75th anniversary of the invasion of […]

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Indonesia, Australia and the Edward Snowden Legacy: Shifting asymmetries of power

Indonesia, Australia and the Edward Snowden Legacy: Shifting asymmetries of power Richard Tanter posted from Japan Focus The Asia Pacific Journal, Vol. 12, Issue 10, No. 3, March 10, 2014. Précis A near perfect storm has descended on Australian relations with its nominal strategic partner and largest neighbour, Indonesia, to the point where the […]

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