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Vietnam holiday 2010

A holiday in Vietnam. A first visit for us both. 2-weeks January 2010 leave, with the Lonely Planet guide. Vietnam lived up our to our expectations and stories we heard. I like to start with cities. So for those who have not been to Vietnam, this introduction is as a tourist, inner-city Ho Chi Minh […]

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capitalist crisis severe


Humphrey McQueen on a ˜A dialectical view of laws and tendencies.” This item is the second in a sequence to spotlight aspects of Michael Lebowitz’s dialectical critique of political economy. The exercise aims to add to the intellectual weaponry at the disposal of the working class as we confront the crisis of the accumulation of […]

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AT LAST A HOME! The Need For Public Housing: 2004

Update: In the debate on homelessness here I did not record the speech of Bob Day who wants to privatise the SA Housing Trust and drive down wages and defeat the building unions – now ex-Senator Day. In November 2016, there is worse homelessness and is not addressed by our political elite. Housing action groups […]

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