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Wal-Mart China agreement

The Bad and the Good of the Wal-Mart ACFTU Collective Agreement by China Labor News Translations, CLNT has obtained and translated the collective agreement in effect between one of the individual unionized Wal-Mart stores in China and the responsible local trade union committee. It represents the template agreement that has been followed by all […]

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Obama Inauguration

Obama Inauguration Content Where were you when Obama became President? Like any political citizen of the world, I follow US politics; e.g Guy Rundle’s daily Crikey reports have been great. We are in the wonderful city of Rotterdam, in the Hotel New York, and like billions all over the world soon to switch on CNN, […]

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Labour rights and the global crisis

Globalization from Below

Next Steps for Globalization from Below Earlier reports from Global Labor Strategies described the vision laid out in the “Beijing Declaration” on “The global economic crisis: An historic opportunity for transformation” and the specific proposals that make up its” transitional program” to move toward a “radically different kind of political and economic order.” This looks […]

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ACTU Your Rights at Work

Rudderless in a Sea of Choices: The Defeat of Your Rights At Work

Rudderless in a Sea of Choices The Defeat of Your Rights At Work—Analysis and a Possible Response by Harry Glasbeek The Federal government has laid out its proposals to revamp the federal industrial relations regime. We have been told how the ALP will make good on the explicit and implicit promises it had made during […]

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Right to strike

Australia at work

This research on Australians in work is essnetial for understanding industrial relations and labour law debates. From the Executive Summary. ‘The aim of the Australia at Work project is to contribute up-to-date evidence-based research to a rapidly changing industrial relations policy environment. Australia at Work tracks 8,000 workers over five years to understand the dynamics […]

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right to strike on the environment

Australia destroys its own Stonehenge

Australia destroys its own Stonehenge: First images showing full impact of Woodside’s new LNG plant in the heart of the Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia. Friends of Australian Rock Art is today releasing recent aerial photographs which show for the first time the full extent of Woodside’s destruction of a globally significant rock art area […]

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strike as a last resort

Right to strike to be denied by government

The Howard government suppressed the freedom of workers to associate by severely limiting the means workers have to collectively bargain, in particular prohibiting the withdrawing of their labour power. ˜Law and order” was the political˜spin” used against unions, with zero tolerance allowed for so-called ˜unlawful” strikes. In a collective bargaining system, the strike is the […]

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