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McManus on Abbott: a list and WorkChoices

1. Sally McManus provides a list on PM Abbott.2. On PM Abbott and WorkChoices. 3. Royal Commission into unions. 1.TRACKING ABBOTT’S WRECKAGE Tony Abbott has been in power since 7 September 2013. From that moment, he and his government have broken promises and hurt Australians. This post will be regularly updated to keep track of […]

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Green capitalism: the god that failed.

The debate we have to have in Australia on our environmental crisis. The results are in: No amount of “green capitalism” will be able to ensure the profound changes we must urgently make to prevent the collapse of civilization from the catastrophic impacts of global warming. The following is an updated version of an article […]

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On responses to NSW Fires

Stop NSW Fire Cuts As brave firies fight the worst bushfires to hit NSW in 45 years, you might be shocked to learn that the O’Farrell government has cut $70 million from the budget resulting in multiple fire station closures — putting lives at risk, just at the moment we most need protection. “Budget cuts […]

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The Epochal Crisis

The Epochal Crisis by John Bellamy Foster Monthly Review Press It is an indication of the sheer enormity of the historical challenge confronting humanity in our time that the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, sometimes now called the Second Great Depression, is overshadowed by the larger threat of planetary catastrophe, raising the question […]

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IPCC: capitalism is the barrier

IPCC head Pachauri: working class ‘humanity’s only hope’ The working class is humanity’s only hope in the battle against global warming, the world’s top climate expert declared today as he presented the most overwhelming case ever made that capitalism is responsible for artificially prolonging (and expanding) the use of fossil fuels. Rajenda Pachauri, the chairman […]

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Imperialist Battlefields, Response from South

The Battlefields Chosen by Contemporary Imperialism: Conditions for an Effective Response from the South by Samir Amin Samir Amin is director of the Third World Forum in Dakar, Senegal. “In the art of war, each belligerent chooses the terrain considered most advantageous for its battle for the offensive and tries to impose that terrain on […]

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Capitalism and socialism

Capitalism, Crises, and a Socialist Alternative: In Conversation With Michael A. Lebowitz by Rebekah Wetmore and Ryan Romard reposted from Monthly Review Press Rebekah Wetmore and Ryan Romard (RW/RR): The crisis of world capitalism starting in 2007 was the most severe crisis of capitalism since the Great Depression and thus far the recovery, both globally […]

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Organising against the Right

Dear friend, SEARCH Foundation decided at its last AGM to make building an alliance against the Right our main political priority for this year. On the 7th of April at the Secure Jobs Green Future Conference Sydney there is a panel plenary session on strategies for the left to which I will contribute as SEARCH […]

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Support the Burrup december 2nd

In Darwin at Parliament House on Sunday December 2nd at 1pm our group will join the Global Stand Up for the Burrup. This campaign is to gain UNESCO World Heritage Listing for the Murujuga/Dampier. Please join us. Bring camera and post on facebook. Archipelago estimated to contain more than one million rock engravings (petroglyphs). A […]

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