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Most disturbing of all is the lack of public discussion and detailed analysis of the
implications of these new military arrangements for security in the Australian national
interest and the broader human interest.
...there is some sense that, when it comes to the US alliance, there is
simply nothing that can be done. So brazen is the government’s willing subordination,
and so powerful the ally, that serious discussion of the operations and consequences of
the alliance is just so much pissing in the wind.Or even more dismayingly, both security practitioners and their would‐be critics share,
by default if not by choice, a notion of Australia that is inseparable from the US alliance.
Alternatives are, analytically as much as politically, just unthinkable. If any of this close to true, we are all in for serious trouble.

Obama’s Oz bases

After Obama – The new joint facilities by Richard Tanter from Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability “When Barack Obama visited Australia in November last year he and Julia Gillard announced a new level of military cooperation between the United States and Australia. The public centre‐piece of the “announceables” for Obama’s visit was the planned […]

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