Stop the War on Workers rallies march 9th

17021609_1376254425767533_132788580361253261_nStop the War on Workers. First union 2017 rallies march 9th 10.30am -see all cities for details.
Touch One Touch All
Michael O'Connor CFMEU
CFMEU readies to fight Turnbull’s fight on the fair go
cfmeu_worker’s-war-fair-goNational protests
CFMEU urges action
Background: Union responses to the cut in Sunday penalty rates decision

strike as a last resort

strike as a last resort

Construction deaths continue: support the right to strike on OHS
This blog supports the right to politically protest over our wages, conditions and living standards and no worker should be penalised for attending union protest rallies.

See post Tips on political strikes
CUB win

Right to strike

Right to strike

Debate on changing our labour law
Background on the ABCC and since then the Senate unfortunately has passed the Bill, so, repression on unionised building sites is increased.
These new ABCC laws in 2017 affect all construction workers, building workers, electricians, metal workers and is extended to the MUA:
* Jobs will be lost
* Lives will be lost – safety is at risk
* Job security will be gone
* Limits on casual workers are banned
* Apprenticeships under threat
* No limits on overtime
* No proper rest breaks

the real danger is these repressive anti-union laws are extended to all workers.
Earlier on the ABCC: Turnbull’s Stasi police force against the CFMEU


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