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I was able to attend in Washington US Labor against the War conference.
CW USLAW Here is the new video launched.
“USLAW honors the international tradition of May Day by continuing our solidarity work with Iraqi unions and workers. This year we celebrate a major victory in the recent passage by the Iraqi parliament of a new labor law extending unprecedented protections to Iraqi working people. This victory is the subject of the new documentary video described below.

Newly Released: The story of the more than decade-long struggle of the Iraqi labor movement for a new labor law that conforms to international standards for the protection of labor rights.

From the Center for the Study of Working Class Life at State University of New York-Stony Brook comes this 15 minute documentary about the struggle of Iraqi unions to win enactment of a new labor law to replace the law imposed by Saddam Hussein, which the U.S. occupation and new Iraqi government had continued to enforce. The new law represents an important, though still partial victory, covering all workers except those classified as civil servants. A law to cover those workers is their next objective.
Through first person interviews with Iraqi labor leaders and international solidarity activists, this video reveals the courage and firm commitment of Iraqi workers and their unions, and the solid support provided by USLAW, the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center and other international solidarity activists throughout their thirteen year struggle.

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USLAW Iraq Labor Solidarity Fund Make a donation to the USLAW Solidarity Fund to support the ongoing solidarity support that USLAW provides to the Iraqi labor movement. (These funds are used only for solidarity work and not for USLAW’s general operating expenses.)

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