Michael Lebowitz on ecology and the working class

“We need to develop a concept of socialist globalisation — one where producers accept the right of all within the world to share in our common social heritage, the right to be able to develop our potential through revolutionary democracy and protagonism in the workplace and society and the right to live in a society in which cooperation and solidarity rather than self-interest prevails.

In short, we need to recognise our goal as an international ‘association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all’.[53]

The struggle on all three fronts is one that can end the tragedy of the global working class.”

Michael Lebowitz on ecology and the working class.
“The Tragedies of the Global Commons and the Global Working Class: Reflections on the Papal Encyclical”
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Michael A. Leibowitz is one of the keynote speakers at Socialism for the 21st century: Moving beyond capitalism, learning from global struggles being held in Sydney on May 13-15 2016 Socialist Alliance.



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