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Saving the Great Barrier Reef: more action

Update October:
From economist Quiggan:
People oppose Adani mine.
Update January 2017:
Adani coalmine activists gear up to fight: ‘This will dwarf the Franklin blockade’

As the protest against the Carmichael project – Australia’s largest proposed coalmine – moves beyond the courts and into the realm of civil disobedience, activists have a clear warning: ‘If you’re in bed with Adani, you’re a target’
A taste of what actions might be to come can be glimpsed in the previous campaign targeting the coal rail company Aurizon over its plans to invest $2.6bn in GVK’s Alpha venture when that looked the mine most likely to open up the Galilee.

That campaign, “Over our dead bodies”, involved everything from hunger strikes, flagging plans to stop coal trains with cardboard boxes on tracks, through to Christmas stockings full of coal delivered to executives’ homes.

“Board members and executives have to be made responsible for their actions,” Pennings says. “Saying I didn’t know or I was just following orders doesn’t cut it. We’re talking about runaway climate change threatening hundreds of millions of lives.”
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Earlier I posted that the world’s largest coal mine was proceeding. “Environment” Minister Hunt gives the go-ahead, but now a further legal challenge by ACF and environmental groups are campaigning even more strongly.

This mine must be stopped to save the Great Barrier Reef.

This is one vital campaign to support at the People’s Climate March 27th-29th November. On the eve of world leaders meeting in Paris for the United Nations climate summit, we will gather in Australian cities and walk alongside millions of people in hundreds of major cities around the world.
Join hundreds of thousands of Australians as we march for a transition to renewable energy, for secure job creation, for clean air, for a healthy environment and a safe climate and to stop the Carmichael Coal mine.

Update 24 Nov: Aboriginal challenge to Carmichael mine

Update: Coal from Carmichael mine ‘will create more annual emissions than New York’
Australia Institute calculations show average annual emissions from burning coal from Adani’s proposed mine would be more than many countries and big cities.

The Australian Conservation Foundation has launched another legal action against the federal government’s renewed approval for the mine – this time on the grounds that environment minister Greg Hunt failed to consider its impact on climate change and therefore on the Great Barrier Reef.

Save Barrier Reef

Save Barrier Reef

Progressive thinktank the Australia Institute has sought to illustrate just how big those emissions will be. It says the average annual emissions from burning the coal from Carmichael – 79m tonnes of CO2 – is more than the annual emissions from Sri Lanka, more than Bangladesh with its population of 160 million, about the same as those from Malaysia and Austria and only slightly less than the annual emissions from Vietnam.


Compared to annual emissions from cities, it says Carmichael’s emissions will be three times the average annual emissions from New Delhi, double those from Tokyo, six times those of Amsterdam and 20% more than New York City. Read more here

Crikey reports:

ACF president Geoff Cousins compared the battle to stop the Carmichael mine to that surrounding the proposed Franklin Dam in Tasmania – the last time the ACF brought such a legal challenge.
A string of legal challenges against Adani’s mine had previously prompted the government then led by Tony Abbott to consider restricting legal objection rights against mines.
This included the Mackay Conservation Group’s successful challenge to Hunt’s original approval of the mine, which was overturned because it did not properly consider impacts on snake and skink species.
The ACF legal appeal has led to Queensland Liberal National party senator Matt Canavan again calling for the government to crack down on “green activism”.

right to strike on the environment

right to strike on the environment

From GetUP We’re taking Adani back to court.

Thanks to the generous donations of thousands of GetUp members, we’re helping launch a Federal Court action against Adani’s disastrous Carmichael coal mine.

One of Australia’s oldest and most respected environment groups, the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), is working with our friends at the Environmental Defender’s Office Queensland (EDO) to lead the case.

The court case will challenge the mine’s re-approval over the impacts it will have on climate change, threatened species and the Great Barrier Reef.

Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt. Adani’s Mega Coal Mine Hits Another Hurdle: A Second Round Of ‘Vigilante Lawfare’ By Thom Mitchell November 9, 2015
It’s a first in Australian legal history. The lawyers will argue Environment Minister Greg Hunt didn’t properly consider the impacts on the Reef from pollution and carbon emissions from the burning of the mine’s coal, and thereby failed Australia’s obligations under UN World Heritage conventions.

GetUp is proud to be working with ACF on what is shaping up to be another landmark legal action.

The Carmichael coal mine is one of the most destructive projects on the planet. If it goes ahead Adani’s mine will pollute our air, damage our climate, and devastate the land and culture of the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners.

This mine would be a disaster for all of us, including future generations who will never get to see a vibrant and healthy Great Barrier Reef.

WWF report here

People’s Climate March here:
From the Greens: As the whole world tries desperately to avert catastrophic global warming, the Turnbull Government has gone ahead and ticked off on what could become Australia’s largest coal mine.

The only way we can force action on global warming is by making it front and centre of the election agenda. Right now.

We have a clean energy plan for Australia in the works, but we’re going to need your help getting it into the hands of thousands of voters — will you make a donation today so we can fight back against this appalling government?

The Adani mega mine is not only going to massively contribute to our climate pollution and cook the Great Barrier Reef; it will destroy 20,000 hectares of native bushland, waste 12 billion litres of Queensland’s precious groundwater per year and push the endangered black-throated finch towards extinction.

Just like the Abbott Government before it, this Turnbull Government has no vision, no science and the same dangerous obsession with coal.


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