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Turnbull going

I am posting some background articles on Turnbull who can be beaten politically in the next election.
Alexander White “Turnbull must change climate policies or he will perish.
Climate groups must put the pressure on Turnbull to deliver policy outcomes now, while he has the political capital to act.
Read the analysis here

Just one example is that Turnbull continues Abbott’s attempt to undermine the civil liberties of environment groups. From the Australian Marine Conservation Society to the Australian Conservation Foundation to Greenpeace, green groups big and small channel the energy of millions of people into saving the wild places we love. Millions of us across Australia throw our support and our dollars behind stopping coal mines, saving ancient forests and defending the pristine Great Barrier Reef. If the changes to tax breaks on charity donations go ahead, that’s going to get a lot, lot harder. From Greenpeace and other environment groups.
On Save the Great Barrier Reef
Turnbull supports Abbott’s environment policy to get in
Here is essential reading about the raging Turnbull the rich powerful ruthless lawyer and merchant banker and he has earned a reputation that inspires a mix of awe, fear and, among some, downright loathing.

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Campaign against the China Free Trade Agreement continues with CFMEU media strong and to date Labor backing

Support the ACTU against China Free Trade Agreement provisions

Turnbull’s ruling class background

Australia’s Slow-Motion Crisis With both major parties widely discredited, turmoil rules in Australian politics.
by Tad Tietze

ACTU Fight for Living standards continues. No matter who stands at the helm, this is a right wing Government that has let down Australian workers, families and communities through their relentless attacks on our standard of living.
I add a criticism of the ACTU branding workers’ campaign BUILD A BETTER FUTURE as bland, same as corporate ads, or government ads, meaningless and fails to stamp a distinctive logo for unions such as Your Rights @ Work. Subtext of Fight for Your Living Standards is an improvement and should be highlighted and BUILD A BETTER FUTURE dropped. Unions can use the VTHC brand Stand Up Fight Back.

From Stewart Sweeney: “The real Turnbull In Malcolm Turnbull contemporary business and capital has finally got someone who can even more fully pursue their interests.

Mr Turnbull, lawyer, merchant banker and multimillionaire is deeply experienced in tax minimisation strategies, ‘creative’ financial structures and strategies and corporate asset stripping.

Mr Turnbull is very much the product of and beneficiary of the rise of finance capital in the last thirty years to wreck havoc in global and national communities.

In contrast, Mr Abbott carried almost feudal baggage manifest through his version of Catholicism and his resulting views on a range of security, social, cultural and environmental matters.Abbott set such a conservative, reactionary and low benchmark on these matters that it has made it easy for Turnbull’s slightly more contemporary views and positions to appear better and for some a complete answer.
He will indeed be a challenge for contemporary Labour to defeat.”
Michael O'Connor CFMEU
To defeat Turnbull unionists are continuing campaigning politically in their communities on the ACTU Congress policies.
Read here Kearney

On this blog I campaign for peace, so I support this Greens call to stop bombing – supported by other peace groups Stop the Bombing

Malcolm Turnbull, when he announced he was challenging Tony Abbott, said that the “captain’s calls” must stop. The most reckless of these was begging the United States to ‘ask’ for Australia’s involvement in bombing missions inside Syria.

This is Mr Turnbull’s first and only opportunity to show he’s learned from the mistakes of his predecessors.

The Australian Greens today urged new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to bring our military personnel home from Syria and Iraq.

“Prime Minister Turnbull has the opportunity now to reverse the most disastrous of Tony Abbott’s ‘captain’s calls’. There is no more serious responsibility than the deployment of our armed service personnel. Until and unless there is a clear plan for a way forward, all we’re accomplishing in Syria is putting more civilians at risk,” Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

“In the midst of all of their leadership battles, it seems as though the Liberal Party have forgotten that Australia is actually at war. Australia should make a constructive diplomatic and foreign aid contribution, which is what the region is crying out for.

“We should never be calling our allies to pleadingly ask to be asked to join a short-sighted military adventure, purely for political purposes. Our servicemen and women deserve far better.

“What will we accomplish? How long will they be there? What is their objective? Mr Turnbull, along with the rest of the inept front bench he inherited, does not have real answers to these most serious of questions.

“Our Hornets should not be flying bombing missions into Syria. They should be flying home.” Senator Scott Ludlam.
Photo from Waging Peace on War: Canberra. WACA Peace Convergence copy
An insight into the far right’s hatred of Turnbull – they say he is the ALP in disguise: info on how to Stop Turnbull and contains interesting history.

Turnbull supports Abetz stacking “Fair” Work Commission with extreme right employers so workers will not get a fair hearing

An interesting reminder here of how Turnbull failed as a leader earlier

Where are the Australian journalists to expose our ruling class and their rep now Turnbull? We have not even an oz Michael Moore. One issue to expose is war and our arms dealings….read here as an example of scrutiny of one’s own side.

Left images on Turnbull

Update: Turnbull’s new cabinet

Rundle: Abbott the fire-breathing Catholic warrior comes unstuck, as we always knew he would

David Marr on Abbott

Comic relief on Abbott and his last crusade is worth watching from ABC Insiders


For my overseas friends – another Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been removed by his own party as people campaign against his rightwing austerity politics. This time its the conservatives that are unhappy with their leader. The outgoing Tony Abbott was known for being seen in tight swim suits, colloquially called in Oz, budgie smugglers. So now… the budgie is free. (Oh by the way, a budgie is a very small, colourful parrot).


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