A day in the crisis of our political state

A day in the crisis of our political state or
Managing the stench of the growing Abbottaroma
by Bob Ellis
(First published by Independent Australia https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/managing-the-stench-of-abbottarommanaging-the-stench-of-the-growing-abbottaroma,8127)

capitalist crisis severe

capitalist crisis severe

For a long, long time the Liberals have wreathed their enemies in the odour of criminality. Boat people have been called ‘illegals’;’union corruption’ is almost a single word, and ‘the friends of Eddie Obeid’ a definition of Labor in New South Wales.

The initials ‘CFMEU’ seem now, in themselves, defamatory.

Shorten is routinely called a ‘two-time assassin’ though he did no more than Abbott did, in 2008 and 2009, to Nelson and then Turnbull.

Craig Thomson’s vote in the House was ‘tainted’, Abbott told us, and should not be accepted by the Government or the Speaker, and his constituents disfranchised. Because of one word in a private communication to a friend, Peter Slipper was said to be ‘unfit to be Speaker’, and was overthrown by Abbott on account of it.

So…the odour of criminality served Abbott well in Opposition, and he prevailed in part, and achieved the highest office, because of it.

But lately the same aroma is coming after him and his government, and may well, in Canning , bring on a result, at last, that is catastrophic to him.

Let me count the ways.

In the week when we learned of sexual abuse in Geelong, alma mater of Prince Charles and Packer and Murdoch, we were told by Dutton there is no sexual abuse on Nauru, though a Senate Committee has reported there was, and given instances. It’s a ‘Labor-Green fabrication’, Dutton protests.
In a week when Dyson Heydon declared himself innocent of bias, and awarded himself eleven thousand eight hundred dollars a day for six more months of just and thoughtful deliberation, we hear of a Liberal official who took 1.3 million dollars from his party.

We hear, too, of Abbott’s ‘union hero’, Kathy Jackson, embezzling 1.3 million dollars, somehow undetected by Heydon’s Royal Commission, and of some hitherto unindicted 7/11 bosses exploiting foreign students, paying them half of what they are owed and working them, illegally, round the clock, and getting away with this form of slavery for years.

We have learned as well in the past few months that Morrison paid people smugglers to return, illegally, refugees to Indonesia, which did not want them, and Dutton took back, illegally, refugees to persecution, and possibly imprisonment, in Vietnam. We have seen no-one arrested for the murder of Reza Barati, though it is known which twelve people did it, and we have heard a Wilson guard declaring that there was waterboarding, or something like it, on Nauru.

The taint of Liberal criminality has grown too as we hear more and more of Man Monis and the Lindt Café siege.
Why did Abbott not take the hostages’ call? Why did he say he was ‘too busy’? Why did Baird not accept Mamdouh Habib’s offer to go in and talk his old friend Monis ‘out of this nonsense’? Why were so many bullets fired after Monis was clearly dead? Why did twenty-three of them, if that is the figure, hit Katrina Dawson? Why was so little money offered in compensation to a siege survivor, fifteen hundred dollars, and not the seventy thousand dollars survivors get from sieges overseas? Why does Dyson Heydon earn almost that much every hour? How much will the other survivors get? How much will go to Katrina’s family, since it was the police, not Monis, that killed her?

Bronwyn Bishop’s expenses have deepened this taint also.

So has the three hundred and twenty dollars a night Joe Hockey pays, as rent, to his wife when he is in Canberra, sleeping in a house co-owned by her and his father. http://chriswhiteonline.org/2015/08/put-rorters-last/

So does the billion dollars Transfield was given on Tuesday for impounding and tormenting women and children, and covering up what is done to them on Nauru.

In Western Australia, it transpires that Andrew Hastie has been investigated for his complicity, if any, in two war crimes, the shooting of two shepherd boys (how much was their family paid?), and the bizarre posthumous mutilation of three Taliban. So questionable is his war record, it seems, that no campaign biography of him has yet appeared on the hustings, a world first, probably, in elective politics in the past thousand years.

Abbott, we learn, got a Rhodes Scholarship from a committee on which Dyson Heydon sat.

And he may have got it before he was an Australian citizen, before he was eligible for it. We are told he may not be an Australian citizen even now, and be holding his office, Prime Minister, illegally.

It seems to me wrong that the Labor Party has not emphasised some of these things in its daily round of propaganda. How Man Monis asked Brandis’s office how he could contact DAESH, and no bells rang, and so Tori and Katrina died. How agents of Dutton spied on Hanson Young in her motel room, in the shower perhaps. When one considers how much was made of nine hundred dollars misused by Slipper, and five thousand by Craig Thomson, one wishes Labor, frankly, tried harder.

The Abbott aroma has been worsened, lately, by international events. The great migration of fugitive Syrians, of which Merkel will take eight hundred thousand in the next year, and Abbott none, and Julie Bishop’s bizarre view that ‘these people’ can be made to go back to Syria if we bomb that country a bit more, show some of us how crazy and rattled and cruel this government is, and, in their defense of Bronwyn Bishop and Dyson Heydon, how unfair. The aroma of is deepening as we speak.

And the result in Canning will show, soon, how foul the stench of Liberal criminality has come to be.

As well…
The Canning Countdown (4) The Latest Polling sept 3 by Bob Ellis
The Reachtel and Essential polls of Monday night show Labor on 49 in Canning and the Liberals on 51. They also show more Canning people interested in, and moved by, renewable energy than national security.

ReachTels method, machines ringing fifty thousand landlines and recording the fifteen hundred that take the call, has favoured the Liberals in the past. And, recorded on Monday night when most left-leaning voters would be watching Four Corners and Q&A, it probably betokens a Labor vote of 50.5and a narrow win.

This was on Monday night. Since then, we have seen Australia come near recession, the dollar under 70 cents, more to come.
Protests rebuff Australian Border Farce http://chriswhiteonline.org/2015/09/protests-rebuff-australian-border-force/

On Dyson http://chriswhiteonline.org/2015/08/dyson-dump/

The next days…Abbott down.

by Bob Ellis
The little boy drowned on the beach was the silver bullet, as it turned out, of the Abbott adventure. He was the last thing Abbott needed,and there he was.

He was a boat person. His father paid a people smuggler. Under the Morrison Doctrine his boat would have been turned back, or he would have been made to live in sad sorrow a hundred years on Nauru.

This is why Abbott dares not, now, accept as refugees any persons who have come by boat to Lesbos or Lampedusa, and why he will take only those now in camps in Lebanon and Jordan, who got to those places on foot. His proudest boast is he ‘stopped the boats’, and anyone who travelled by boat must never, never, therefore live in Australia. If he let any Mediterranean boat person come here, the pressure would then be on him to let in boat people from our part of the world, and release them from encarceration on Manus or exile on Nauru.

It would also thwart his pretence that some of them are going to Cambodia. And it would raise the question of the fifty-two million dollars he has thus far spent sending only four of them there. Enough to house and feed for two years fifteen hundred and sixty of them in Australia.

The present Pope has not done him any favours either. His Holiness reckons each parish could take a Syrian family, and pay for their food, school and shelter. This would supply, if applied here, at no expense to the Abbott government or the taxpayer, seven thousand Syrians to Australia.

Dyson Heydon’s wage, nine million, could fund for two years a hundred Syrian families. Bronwyn Bishop’s luxury jaunt to Europe one family for two years. The billion spent on Transfield and their various covered-up rapes and waterboardings, two thousand Syrian families for two years.

I’m glad I’ve lived to see Abbott crumbling, and flailing about in his death-throes and squawking, the way he is.

He has eleven days to go, and that will be that.


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