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Environmental Crisis: Save the Great Barrier Reef campaign

I returned to Melbourne after a good GBR family time. The tourism is 5 out of 5.
On the campaign front, please find good news for the GBR.GBR

Update October 24 from story below as Carmichael Mine now approved by Environment Minister Greg Hunt. This could be the largest coal mine in Australia and ruin the Great Barrier Reef. We know what team Hunt is desperately batting for — and it’s Big Coal.But the tide’s in our favour. Our movement has already pushed fourteen major banks to rule out funding this coal project. Just a few months ago, the Federal Court overturned the previous Carmichael mine approval.

But to kill this project once and for all, we need to supercharge our campaign right now.

Save Barrier Reef

Save Barrier Reef

Adani: Federal Court sets aside Minister Hunt’s approval
and the Commonwealth bank pulls out of finance.
Last night I saw on the ABC 7.30pm the report on Adani’s Carhmichael mine -the largest coal mine in the world – is facing a set back.

Traditional owners

From Greenpeace. Alex is active.
The Federal Court has just said that the Reef-wrecking Carmichael megamine should not have been given the go-ahead and has overturned the approval!
Thanks to our friends at Mackay Conservation Group, their legal challenge flushed out all sorts of inaccuracies around the mine’s use of water, super inflated job promises, and highlighted massive environmental impacts. Today the court ruled in their favour.

Now Ditch the Mine, Greg please sign

Greenpeace. Please do survey. See references, news feed

Today the Commonwealth Bank declines finance to Adani.

Update: Standard Charter Bank pulls out

The threats to GBR marine biology include a rise in sea temperature

and bigger storms and very dangerous cyclones causing destruction;

and longer-term destruction due to exporting coal and burning coal.

Then more environmental questions ignored.

Traditional owners’ protests are strong.
Please support their argument that have much merit.

From The Federal court has just overturned Greg Hunt’s approval of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin, because of its damaging environmental impacts! [1]
Email Hunt to tell him to reject this disastrous coal proposal once and for all.
Earlier this year, the courageous Mackay Conservation Group, supported by thousands of donations from the community, took Environment Minister Greg Hunt to court over his approval of Adani’s disastrous mine.* Their argument: Hunt failed to consider Adani’s terrible environmental record and the mine’s impact on the climate and local environment. Thousands of hours of hard work later, the case has been won — the Court has agreed that Hunt dropped the ball and has ordered him back to the drawing board to reconsider his decision to approve this ridiculous project.
But there’s only one decision Greg Hunt can justifiably make and that’s to reject the mine outright – join us in telling him to do exactly that.
There’s simply no way that Adani’s plans can proceed. They’re unbankable, unburnable and unbelievably reckless. That Hunt ever gave Adani the green-light shows yet again how negligent and coal-obsessed our Government is.
Now forced to reconsider his decision, it’s vital that Hunt hears us loud and clear when we tell him – reject the mine or face growing and deepening public opposition.
Today’s announcement is a major victory for our climate and Reef. It adds yet another delay to Adani’s dangerous plans – a delay that could spell the end of those plans.
But most of all, this victory is testament to the power of community.
That a tiny conservation group, supported by the donations of thousands of concerned citizens, can take on the Federal government, a multi-billion dollar mining company and one of the largest coal projects in the world and WIN should give us all hope that justice does eventually prevail.
Now join us in telling Hunt to scrap this monster coal project for good!
In solidarity, Charlie for the Australia team

For AbbottPM, Minister Hunt has to go. If the new Minister does not scrap this coal mine, then Liberals/Nationals face a huge protest vote at the coming election.

From Bill Shorten

I urge the multi-national Japanese company dominant in the GBR tourist trips to promote the campaigns against the economic corporate and political forces leading to the long-term destruction of the GBReef.

One question is whether the GBR can be saved within our current corporate capitalist globalisation.

Sustainable environmentalism
that includes tourism is the aim. E.g. one key debate accommodates the practice for saving the GBR with the UNESCO principles.

Or do we place on the agenda a new ecological socialism On this blog I post arguments.

‘Blocking Adani coal mine approval ‘dangerous’ for Australia, ‘tragic’ for world’: Tony Abbott

So, We can consider on-going action – how to take time to increase net-working, community and work organising. World-wide solidarity with all those who campaign to stop Adani.

Increase resistance to Save the Reef.

Profit-driven capitalism killing the Great Barrier Reef

The coral of the Great Barrier Reef is dying with scientists warning that the reef could be dead in a few decades. Basically the coral is suffering from bleaching which eventually leads to an ecosystem collapse if the coral is not given a chance to recover.

Large scale coral bleaching is a new phenomenon with serious events only taking place in the past 30-40 years. When the first truly big event happened in 1998, around 50% of reefs were affected. This year, however, is set to blow 1998 out of the water.

For the Great Barrier Reef the prognosis looks grim. So far over 90% of the reef has been affected by bleaching. Scientists expect coral mortality to be over 50% overall and over 90% in some areas of the reef. The worst part of all of this is that widespread coral bleaching has only occurred with the rise of global warming.

Bleaching occurs when coral is under extreme stress from increases in the ocean temperature and its acidity. Algae which live within and nourish the coral leave and the coral turns white, is weakened, unable to combat diseases and will eventually be overtaken by seaweed and die.

Global warming is connected to ocean acidification, as carbon dioxide becomes a weak acid when dissolved in ocean water. The more acidic water means that corals cannot absorb the normal levels of calcium carbonate needed to grow their skeletons.

While all this is happening the government is supporting plans to build the biggest coal mine in the southern hemisphere, with an extended port just off the Great Barrier Reef.

Both the Liberal Party and the Queensland Labor Party are spruiking the Carmichael Coal Mine as a boon for jobs. They are also claiming it will be a boost to the state’s economy.

The idiocy of both major parties in supporting this project is obvious. Tourism in Queensland through the Great Barrier Reef brings in $6 billion a year and supports 70,000 jobs. In contrast the new coal mine will employ only 5,000 and give the state economy a boost of $4.1 billion.

The problem is that it is going to be impossible to both run the mine and have the Great Barrier Reef survive. Global warming is killing the reef, and the Carmichael mine will operate for 90 years and flood the world with more fossil fuels. With reefs around the world facing extinction within decades this is unacceptable.

The major parties will be sacrificing tens of thousands of tourism jobs on the reef for this mine. Not only does this show short sightedness on their behalf, but it points out the massive influence that mining and the fossil fuel industry have over Australian politics.

Regardless of how much money can be made off the reef, or how many jobs it provides in contrast to the coal industry, the reef must be saved.

Coral reefs all over the world are vitally important to the environment as a whole, supporting an estimated 25% of all marine life. Coral reefs provide food for one billion people in Asia alone by hosting this marine life. If temperatures keep rising and coral around the world dies, this biodiversity will be destroyed.

The problem is that halting global warming is hampered by the capitalist system. The profit-driven nature of system means that short term profits outstrip the needs of people and the planet. In the case of the Great Barrier Reef vs the fossil fuel industry this is painstakingly obvious.

The situation however could be very different. Coral can be surprisingly resilient, it can sustain periods of stress and bleaching and still recover. This all depends however, on whether or not the temperature drops back down to a level that coral life can sustain itself on.

Already this episode of bleaching has left 35% of coral in the Great Barrier Reef either dead or dying. If we want to see this situation change, we have a very limited time in which to make it happen. We need a massive shift away from fossil fuels. That can only be done if we change the foundations of the economic system.

We need to shift away from the rule of short term profit and towards sustainably planned democratic socialism. This is the best possible chance we have of saving the reef and the planet as we know it.
from the Socialist Party

Marx on profit

Marx on profit


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