The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation 25 years Anniversary Dinner

“The inspiration for my life, my dreams, has always been made up of peace, socialism, of solidarity, of liberation, of loving and caring.” Graham F Smith

Peace Foundation

Peace Foundation

25 years ago in Adelaide the Graham F Smith Peace Foundation (then Trust) was formed Working for Peace through Arts. I was pleased as one of the founding members to be with Leonie Ebert and many friends, comrades and supporters at the Silver Anniversary Dinner at he Adelaide Festival Centre.

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The Graham F. Smith Peace Foundation (Peace Foundation) was founded in 1989 as the Graham F. Smith Peace Trust as a lasting legacy to its namesake, Graham F. Smith. The Peace Foundation is based on Hutt Street, Adelaide and is run completely by volunteers. In 2011 the Trust changed its name to the Peace Foundation in an effort to highlight the need to raise funds to continue its work.
The purpose of the Peace Foundation promotion of peace through all art forms including literature, music, performing arts, visual arts, craft, design, film, video, television, radio, community arts, Aboriginal arts and movable cultural heritage that relate to human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability.

To achieve its purpose, the Peace Foundation:

• Awards an annual major grant of up to $10,000;
• Considers applications for minor grants of up to $1,500 annually;
• Hosts an annual fundraising dinner and silent art auction;
• Runs projects including the Kaurna reconciliation walk and reconciliation artwork.

Future work of the Peace Foundation to achieve this purpose will include:

• Awarding an annual indigenous scholarship for students in the Arts;
• Providing cultural awareness training for schools and corporations;

The 2014 Peace Grant went to Bangarla Stories of Resilience work.

Please see the website for some of the peace projects funded, such as the Kaurna Reconciliation Art work and grant recipients and Peace Awards at the Adelaide Fringe.

Guest Speaker Sophie Hyde, filmmaker explained her new film 52 Tuesdays and how so few women are allowed in as film directors in “Diversity of Voices: Who is telling our stories?”


The silent auctions were again a great success. Good food, people, and music and funds raised.

The Foundation is run by volunteers but now has an office in Hutt St.

Are you a member? Why not become involved? Make sure you promote the Foundation outside of Adelaide.

The Peace Foundations namesake, Graham F. Smith was a lifelong activist and educator, Graham’s passionate commitment to peace and freedom took him around the world and into the classroom.

Graham F Smith

From his Australian Army experiences in the closing period of the Second World War, where he aided the struggle of the Indonesian people against Dutch colonialism, to his involvement in Cuba, Nicaragua, the Philippines and Vietnam, he always supported the struggle for independence and freedom.

Graham a teacher at my school Unley High believed that people who are taught to think and to challenge and who are encouraged to expand their imagination can create a better world. Such was his belief in the power of education.

Graham was a CPA member. His dedication to the egalitarian principles of socialism, democracy, peace, international understanding and the dignity of labour was the inspiration for the Peace Foundation that bears his name. The Peace Foundation is a fitting legacy to a life well lived.


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