Timor Leste runs out of oil revenue

Charlie Steiner Timor Leste NGO Lao Hamutuk presented these graphs showing oil/gas running out in 2024 or soon thereafter – at the Timor Leste Studies Association Conference in Dili I attended.

• With current policies, oil/gas revenues last until 2024.
• If we’re lucky and smarter, until 2027.
• With a lot of luck and skill, until 2036.
• If we’re lucky, strategic, prudent and wise, until our non-oil economy can replace it.
What must we do to prevent Timor-Leste from going broke before today’s babies finish secondary school?

We need to engage in debates with the Timorese to work out strategies to respond. Obviously, Rudd/Abbott maintain the corporate theft of Timor Leste’s oil. Discuss.


I gave a 20 minute presentation on TL unions and the problems of the police busting up legitimate strikes.
see this blog.http://chriswhiteonline.org/2012/11/sjt-tl-and-the-right-to-strike-part-one/

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