Search Conference debates

You can now access many of the presentations from the Secure Jobs in a Green Future Conference held in Sydney on April 6 and 7 on the Search website

and by visiting the SEARCH Foundation youtube channel here

Read the Conference resolution here on Uniting the Left

Read Australian Options On-Line digest here

This is the third edition of the Option on-line digest. We are still learning the layout and format tools though hopefully becoming more confident. Please help by forwarding this on to other likely readers.

The best way to support Options is to suscribe to the magazine.
The Autumn edition of the Australian Options magazine was published and mailed to subscribers at the end of April.

It has the second set of series of articles on ‘readying for the right’ including ones on the economy, law and order, industrial relations and the environment.

The editorial is in full on the web-site and other articles are available to full subscribers.

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