Merry Christmyth

Merry Christmyth
I can’t but agree.
‘The Atheist Foundation of Australia wishes the non-religious and religious alike a very merry Christmyth season.

Many people are unaware that the tradition is drawn from celebrations surrounding the pagan Saturnalia and was usurped by Christianity around the 4th Century CE.

The alleged story of the character Jesus is unsupported historically; the birthdate and year is wrong as is the month.

Even with these discrepancies and the pilfered festival, atheists have no problem with Christians enjoying a break from the rigours of normal life.

President of the AFA, David Nicholls said, “One would hope that feelings of goodwill in the holiday period extend throughout the coming year and are inclusive of everyone. This is the perfect time to look at the problems across the planet having their origins and maintenance in religion. Faith is not a solution; faith is a huge glitch in a struggling humanity.”

Women representing half the world’s population are oppressed and worse, lesbians and gays likewise, voluntary euthanasia denied, various sects (and sects within sects), killing each other in the name of one religion or another.

The list of religious absurdities reported daily should awaken people to the herd of elephants in the room trampling human rights and happiness as well as fanning the fires of sectarian violence and war.

Nicholls added, “The time and money spent in support of the un-evidenced idea of supernatural concepts needs curtailing by planet-responsible individuals refusing to comply with its irrational edicts.

The world is beset by real problems in need of addressing before they singularly or in combination place the human race and everything else on the path to extinction.”

The Atheist Foundation of Australia hopes that moderation with celebrations rules the holiday period.’



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