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International union solidarity conference
well worth attending.

The LabourStart conference in Sydney opens Monday 26th November to wednesday 28th.
If you plan to attend, you must register here:

Teachers Federation • 23-33 Mary Street, Surry Hills • Sydney
Opening session – The Big Picture – Chair: Alison Rudman
• The LabourStart Vision Eric Lee
• Keynote Speech – Campaigning to win and grow Dave Oliver ACTU Secretary
• How the two days will run Peter Lewis/Claire O’Rourke, EMC
10:30am Morning Tea
11am Global Campaigns Briefing – Host: Peter Lewis
Fiji Council of Unions President Daniel Urai (COACH: Andrew Casey)
BAHRAIN Hana Husain – Bahraini teacher (COACH: Tony Brown)
• SACOM – Hong Kong Yi Yi Debby and Anita Chan (COACH: Chris Gambian)
• UAW – Nissan- Kristyne Peter (COACH: Stewart Prins)
• ITUC Qatar World Cup campaign Mat Debrouix (COACH: Mark Phillips)
• Mexican Gold Anita Gardiner – Industri-ALL (COACH: Alex White)
12:30pm Launch of UAW LabourStart Email campaign
Jeffrey Moore – Mississippi autoworker
12:45pm Lunch and Campaign Planning Session 1: Getting to know your campaign
• Campaign teams – meet over lunch with international guest
• Task – design a campaign to drive global engagement on issue
• Over two days develop a campaign plan with the following elements
• issue and objectives • frame
• audience and targets • messages
• plan for integration and content • plan for escalation
1:30pm Plenary Session – Campaign Design: from principles to practice – Chair: Claire O’Rourke
• audience Shannon O’Keefe – ITF • targets/objectives Rob Johnson, – Industri-All
• framing Carla Stacy – EMC • situation analysis Peter Colley CFMEU
3pm Campaign Planning Session 2:
Coaches take group through the four areas and set down:
• campaign targets and objectives • situation analysis and research gaps
• what the priority audiences are • what the frame is and a potential brand for the campaign
4.30pm Adding Community Organising to your Campaign Plan – Chair: Michael Walker
Panel: Amanda Tattersall – Sydney Alliance, Gerard Dwyer – SDA, Mark Boyd – United Voice
6pm Trades Hall Dinner and Drinks – 377 Sussex Street
Tours of banner room and Bunker Studios
7:30pm Media Debate: If the traditional media dies will anyone care? – Chair: Caroline Pryor
• Julian Lee – formerly SMH now CPSU • Marcus Strom – MEAA
• Sarah MacDonald – broadcaster • Mark Phillips – ACTU
Day two tuesday
9am Plenary – Peter Lewis (EMC) – What I Got Wrong
9:30am Campaigns That Rock
Speakers from Australia and around the world give us the low down in ten minutes.
10:30am Morning Tea
11am Campaign Skills for Local and Global Wins – Chair: Eric Lee
• Principles of social media Alex White – Active Unions
• Content Strategy for campaigns Jackie Woods – EMC
• Building lists and managing data Alison Rudman and Donherra Walmsley – NUS
• Email for campaigners Claire O’Rourke – EMC
11:45am Final Campaign Planning
2pm Campaign Presentations
• Each team has 15 minutes to present their campaign strategy
3:30pm Final Plenary- The Future of LabourStart in Australia: Eric Lee
4pm Over the Horizon – Special sessions on flashpoint international issues
• Vietnam • Bahrain
• Taiwan • Timor-Leste

Please do NOT use the Facebook page to ask questions about the conference, to complain, etc — it is better and quicker to simply email us.
Write either to Andrew Casey in Sydney ( or Eric Lee in London ( and we will get back to you.

The conference agenda is online here:

This conference is free and is open to all trade unionists.
If you live in Sydney, please encourage your fellow union members to attend — all are welcome.
See you soon,
Eric Lee


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