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Our friends at SumOfUs are leading this global campaign to hold Apple’s treatment of its workers to the same high standards Apple demands of its products.

Working conditions are terrible for the people who make, by hand, each and every gadget Apple sells.

In extreme cases, people are literally dying while doing their jobs.

Reporters have documented cases of deadly explosions at iPad factories, and instances of workers dying of exhaustion after working thirty-plus hour shifts.[1][2]

Australia’s smartphone market is a tight competition between iPhone and Android – what Australians think about Apple matters. This Thursday, the world will be watching Apple and its top executives and shareholders at their AGM – and corporate campaigning organisation SumOfUs will present petition signatures gathered from all over the world demanding safe working conditions for Apple employees. It’s now up to our Australian movement to keep the pressure on Apple and let them know Australians care about the lives of workers – wherever they are.

Sign the petition and demand that the world’s largest company makes its products without exploiting workers.
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To stay in touch with how the campaign goes, check out

[1] ‘Foxconn Worker Dies in the Bath After Working 60 Hours a Week’, 30/06/2011,
[2] ‘In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad’, 25/01/2012,

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