Canberra forum on strikes

Canberra: Strikes and the Right to Strike Forum
1pm Friday 24th February 2012
Place: Unions ACT Training room at 189 Flemington Rd, Mitchell

Chris White reports on strikes and the right to strike for the Forum discussion. The National Right to Strike Campaign 2012

Unions resolve to ensure the Fair Work Act become ILO International Labour Organisation compliant to protect the right to strike.

This is a broad based education campaign for Australian workers to have the right to strike.

PM Gillard retained the WorkChoices restrictions and penalties on industrial action in the Fair Work Act.

Minister Bill Shorten has to remove all of the sanctions against the withdrawing of our labour power.

We want the right to strike – full stop.

We want a right to strike firewalled, so the corporate lawyers cannot get an injuction or order to stop the industrial action.

Please prepare your own arguments and send to your networks.

Below is one approach from some Victorian unions.

Dear Friend,

The National Right to Strike Campaign (NRSC) is asking you to support the campaign’s aim to have all Australian law comply

with International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions.

Contained in this correspondence are a 10 Point Proposal and model resolution.

We ask that your organisation adopt the resolution.

Currently a number of unions, union branches, peak union bodies, as well as community organisations from neighbourhoods, faith-based,

environmental and social movements are considering similar resolutions.

If your organisation agrees to support this most fundamental of human rights, as defined by the ILO, you will be formally added to the national list of supporting organisations, in an effort to build the confidence and unity necessary if Australians are to achieve these rights.


“That this meeting of (Name and status of union meeting) supports the National Right to Strike Campaign and declares that all Australian law must comply with ILO Conventions 87 & 98. In particular with the guaranteed right to organise and strike at the time chosen, and for the purposes decided upon, by union members.

Further, our organisation demands that the ILO Conventions pertaining to workers in unions being free to take solidarity action with other workers by striking, be complied with.”

From Chris White. He recently worked for unions in the ACT and at the ANU in Politics. He now lives in Darwin. He worked for the unions for 30 years. He has published on the right to strike on this blog.


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