Worst anti-union companies

This Year’s Worst Companies to Work for if You Want the Right to Join a Union
Further 2015 update: 2014’s worst corporation is … Bayer

The 2014 Corporate Hall of Shame competition was steep, with Monsanto, Chevron, McDonald’s, Comcast, and others all vying to be named the worst corporation of the year. You made your voice heard, we tallied the votes, and Bayer won (… or lost, rather). Bayer is notorious for manufacturing and profiting richly from pesticides linked to the alarming die-offs of bees, while funding junk science and PR to deny culpability. Together we’ll take action against Bayer’s abuses in 2015. Stay tuned for more!

Update: see below on Foxconn.
By Liana Foxvog and Sean Rudolph, International Labor Rights Forum

Further update: Vote for the worst company Hall of Shame 2014

Today we published our list of this year’s Scrooges for workers’ right to unionize. The companies that topped our list are
Dole, Hershey’s, Philippine Airlines, and Wal-Mart.

These corporations use intimidation and sometimes violence, either in the U.S. or in their supply chains abroad, to violate workers’ internationally recognized right to organize.

Among other rights related to freedom of association, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states that “everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests” (Article 23, Section 4).

Despite the labor rights protections in the UDHR and national labor laws, workers continue to see their rights trampled on a daily basis.

In its most recent survey of violations of trade union rights, the International Trade Union Confederation reports at least 90 unionists were killed, 2,083 were injured, and 4,599 were illegally fired last year as a result of their union activities.

Additionally, as the employment crisis continues to grow, many labor rights advocates fear that companies are using the crisis to attack union workers and institute employment schemes that reduce the number of workers guaranteed union protections.

The 2011 Scrooge corporations’ violations include intimidating workers with severe threats, standing by while suppliers aggressively suppress worker organizing, collaborating with military forces to undermine democratically elected union leaders, illegally firing thousands of workers, exploiting foreign exchange students, and turning a blind eye to forced child labor in the supply chain.

The right to freedom of association is typically violated through the use of bullying tactics and the spread of anti-union propaganda but this year’s Scrooges have taken violating workers’ rights to new lows.

As we celebrate the holiday season, consumers and labor advocates can support workers by telling these Scrooge companies that they need to respect workers rights.

As we celebrate the holiday season, you can support workers by calling on the Scrooges to respect workers’ rights:

Urge Philippine Airlines to reinstate fired workers and support job security
Tell Wal-Mart to stop doing business with contractors that repress labor organizing
Ask Hershey to end trafficked child labor in its supply chain
Call on Dole to stop supporting military propaganda campaigns against legitimate worker organizations

Click here to read more about these companies in our Working for Scrooge report.

I add Foxconn as a very bad Chinese hell,e.g.

the iPad they are holding is assembled from child labor, toxic shop floors, involuntary overtime, suicidal working conditions, and preventable accidents that kill and maim workers.

It turns out the story is much worse. Researchers with the Hong Kong-based Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) say that legions of vocational and university students, some as young as 16, are forced to take months’-long “internships” in Foxconn’s mainland China factories assembling Apple products. The details of the internship program paint a far more disturbing picture than the Times does of how Foxconn, “the Chinese hell factory,” treats its workers, relying on public humiliation, military discipline, forced labor and physical abuse as management tools to hold down costs and extract maximum profits for Apple.

please follow this report and SACOM.

read here



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