Tears of Gaza

Tears of Gaza is a gut-wrenching full length promotional documentary (83mins) of the 2008-2009 bombing of Gaza by the Israeli military, three years ago to the day.

It uses actual footage from local Palestinian crews
of the bombs falling, the terror of the Palestinians targeted and the
ensuing chaos of getting the wounded to overcrowded hospitals and overworked
medical staff while Israel continued its relentless attack without mercy.

Stories are told through shell-shocked children who have lost parents and
other family members and who have been horribly maimed, physically and

This is not something that anyone should turn away from in
squeamishness because it is very real and continues to happen to
Palestinians who resist Israel’s inhuman oppression of their daily lives.

We just don’t hear about it in the mainstream media.

If you can absorb the
grotesque acts of inhumanity in Holocaust museums and talk about them
afterwards and say “never again”, then you have an obligation to see what is
actually happening today to people struggling to survive under Israel’s
ruthless military domination and occupation.

The criminality of it all
simply cannot be justified in any way – not in Gaza, not in Iraq, not in
Afghanistan, not in Libya, nor in the many other places of the world where
innocents endure the onslaught of modern warfare whoever perpetrates it and
for whatever reason.

The film is directed by Norwegian filmmaker Vibeke Lokkeberg.

From Australians for Palestine


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