Oppose Gillard’s Intervention

Opposition in the NT to Gillard’s Second Intervention

Joint statement from Intervention Rollback Action Group (Central Australia), Darwin Aboriginal Rights Coalition and Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney – Friday November 25 2011

‘Stand against Macklin’s decade of discrimination – No second Intervention!

The Labor government has introduced Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory legislation that extends the racist NT Intervention for a further ten years.

Intergenerational trauma caused by past policies of assimilation and dispossession is at the root of many problems facing Aboriginal communities across Australia today.

Now under Labor’s plans, NT Aboriginal children turning fifteen in 2022 will have lived their entire life as second class citizens under Australian law.

The persecution of Aboriginal people under the Intervention has had horrendous consequences.

Reported rates of attempted suicide and self-harm have more than doubled (Closing the Gap Monitoring Report).

Indigenous incarceration has increased by 40 per cent.

Large numbers of people are drifting away from their homelands as resources and opportunity are withdrawn from the bush.

None of this was even acknowledged in the more than 1000 pages of reports released by the government in the past month to justify the second Intervention.

Other indicators of growing social crisis have been buried away from the headlines.

Minister Jenny Macklin claims her new laws are the fruit of consultation with Aboriginal people across the NT and a survey conducted in 16 communities.

But this consultation process was a sham.

In numerous remote community meetings for which we have records, none of these reforms were even raised for discussion.

Similarly, the “community safety and wellbeing survey” never sought Aboriginal consent or agreement for any Intervention law.

Explicitly racist laws, which vilify Aboriginal people and culture are being kept on the books including: read further here

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