APHEDA Canberra fundraiser

Please join us on Wednesday 24 February 2010 after work.

Come in anytime after 6pm to 11pm for a fundraiser for APHEDA at the Ostani Lounge Bar and Restaurant, Hotel Realm, National Circuit, Barton for vino y tapas.

Build support for APHEDA Union Aid Abroad projects in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

This is the first of our several exciting functions in 2010. RSVP, contact Kristie at apheda.canberra@gmail.com

Regards David Perkins, Convenor,
Canberra & Region union Aid Abroad/APHEDA Activist Group (M) 0437 997 611


“It is no longer possible to protect workers’ rights in one country, while in neighbouring countries with whom we trade, workers face exploitation and sweatshop conditions.

The fight for workers’ rights in one country has to be a fight for workers’ rights in every country.

I urge you to sign up as a regular donor to Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, as a part of the Make Life Fair Everywhere campaign.Ӊ۬

Sharan Burrow, ACTU President.


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