Dum splits threeways

I was wrong in an earlier blog with Tweedledum splitting left wing and right wing as it’s a three way split.

The change is too breathtaking to keep up. The political viciousness and treachery by all is intense.

Some observations at 9am.

22 million Australians are removed from the interests of these very small number of our political elites in this politically charged drama.

Polls over the last 30 years show Australians when asked is there more to do for our environment 70% upwards say yes. A similar clear democratic voice for action on subsets such as drought and water, global warming, forests and saving our unique species and conserving our environmental heritage.

Dum’s leadership votes have nothing to do with democracy.

Canberra’s Parliament House Is at the best of times a rarified decision-making space on the hill – where the water keeps lawns lush as Canberra citizens swelter on brown dust bowls. But now right-wing Dees are so way out, so extreme, so right, they are in parallel unreal universes .

Our MPs trash rational evidence-based policy discouse in our Parliament failing to strategically deal with our environmental challenges within this global capitalist economic crisis.

Political ‘spin’ and 1984 ‘doublespeak’ dominates.

The influence of the corporate lobbyists and their interests – winning whatever happens – is obscured.

Dissecting factions of the “New Right” leadership amongst the minerals and energy interests sees key powerful groups endlessly pushing exaggerated claims and viciously destroying any ‘moderate’ stance no matter what happens. These most powerful corporate giants dominate politically and have done so for 150 years.

Australia’s travesty of political discouse over is the environmental crisis caused by humans is in the lowest quartile in the world index on democratic discouse. We contrast with climate debate in the US, China and Europe on moves to a greener capitalism.

In our Australian Parliament, there is little political discourse on global policy-making between us in the developed world with the undeveloped world – one key issue.

Australia’s high emission polluting per person means we have responsibility. This is why the PM and his team are in the world discourse – even though in a minor role as our ‘action’ is so minimalist and behind other countries.

I support Dee’s outrage at their negotiated ETS deal with Dum being ratted on.

A Dee ‘climate sceptic’ flushed with some aggressive win on something snapped at my opposition to his ETS deal, and he had no response to me saying as a minimum could Australia adopt Germany’s strategy. He said ‘I do not know about that.’

For the record and not to be boxed into the Dum camp, I believe Dees ETS is so counter-productive for our environment, like the Greens, it ought to be voted down. Those corporate types who gave us the GFC are in charge of this trading system and the polluters compensated and their profit-making protected.

Next year bring in a pollution tax with real strategies to face our environmental crisis.

In other parts of the world, citizens believe that the capitalist profit drive so much destroys their environment that how to move to a democratic ecological socialist transformation over the next 30 years is the main political discourse.

I believe a double-dissolution is warranted after about another six months of all this Dum turmoil.

Meanwhile on early morning radio and TV it is confusing…and wonderful to hear and see.

I am tipping Turnbull, but on all occaisons before I have been wrong, knowing nothing about their internal politics. 9.00 am tuesday.

right to strike on the environment

right to strike on the environment


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