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capitalist crisis severe

McKnight on alternatives

David McKnight at the Crunchtime conference. Looking for an alternative at a time of crisis If we look back in a year’s time to our meeting today, I suspect we will say that we were (or are) living in a kind of phoney war period, a lull before a storm. We are on the brink […]

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right to strike on the environment

Green New Deal

Ann Pettifor addressed the Crunch Time conference on Thursday 23rd April 2009 on The Green New Deal. Ann Pettifor is executive director of Advocacy International. In the 1990s she helped Jubilee 2000 which succeeded in persuading a large swath of world public opinion, as well as world leaders, to cancel $100bn of debt owed […]

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strike as a last resort

DPM: demand to guarantee OHS rights

From OHS union activist Andy Alcock Dear Deputy Prime Minister Gillard, In this country, approximately 8000 Australians die from work-related injuries and disease each year.About 450 of this number die p/a from traumatic injuries sustained in accidents. The remaining deaths are due to occupational diseases – mostly cancers and most of the cancers coming from […]

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Happy 90th Pete Seeger

Happy 90th Pete Seeger Also buy, the 2007 DVD of a stirring revelatory film of the life of Pete Seeger, “The Power of Song”, with music and tributes by Dylan, Guthrie, Baez, Springsteen, Peter Paul and Mary; a wonderful song writer “Where have all the flowers gone?” “Turn, Turn, Turn” “If I had a hammer” and many more; […]

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