Firefighters concerns with FWB details

The Firefighters’ Union Secretary Peter Marshall has been in the news about the Victorian bushfires and issues. He also is critical of details of the Fair Work bill. The Union’s Senate submission concerns Division 4 Part 2-2 which create the right to request flexible working arrangements and enshrine that right as a National Employment Standard (NES). Whilst the United Firefighters Union of Australia (UFUA) supports the intent of this Division, the union is very concerned that as currently drafted it could lead to a disparity of working conditions amongst firefighters and potentially reignite some of the most significant industrial disputes of Australian firefighting history. In this submission we propose some amendments to address these concerns.

The UFUA is very concerned about a number of other aspects of the Bill, especially those restricting the right of industrial parties to bargain, the declining role of awards, the harsh penalties that apply to people who take industrial action and the Bill’s apparent failure to comply with international standards.

The current submission focuses on one matter only: the impact of the ‘flexible working arrangements’ provisions on the firefighting industry. This is not because the UFUA believes the rest of the Bill is perfect.

The submission detail is interesting reading. Go to Senate submissions no 146.

Let’s see what the Senate report says and if the DPM responds.

For further information go to their website.

Never before in Australian history have we been confronted with such destruction at the hands of fire. While we mourn the terrible effects of this catastrophe, it’s important to remember those who risked their lives to help others.

UFU State Secretary Peter Marshall says all Victorians appreciate the efforts of the State’s professional firefighters and volunteers, as well as other emergency services and operational support workers. “This website allows the general public to send a morale-boosting message, and we’ll make sure that these messages reach the crews at the fire front,” says Peter Marshall. “With the CFA focused on operational issues, the United Firefighters Union has taken this initiative – both for the firefighters, and to allow a voice to grateful Victorians.”

On the issue of thanking firefighters go to

Devils in the FWB details

Devils in the FWB details


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