Provoking Construction and Building Workers 2005 Senate submission

˜The right of workers to leave their jobs is a test of freedom. Hitler suppressed strikes. Stalin suppressed strikes. But each also suppressed freedom. There are some things worse than strikes, much worse than strikes “ one of them is the loss of freedom.” US Republican President Eisenhower.

˜WE WON’T take away the right to strike™ Australian Howard Government advertisement.

˜Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire.



* I analyse 12 major problems with the Building and Construction Industry Improvement Bill (2005), BCII.

* It is a provocation against unions.

* Beware the ˜doublethink”, where ˜lawful industrial action” becomes ˜unlawful”.

* Suppressing the right to strike is serious. 99.76% of building workers’ time is not on strike.

* Great concern for civil liberties is raised anew.

* Academic analysis shows this ˜command and control” over-regulation is the wrong model.

* It is a ˜disturbing precedent for the future of state regulation of labour regulations˜.

* An alternative co-operative model built the Olympic Games.
* Changing the rules of the contest half way through bargaining is not fair.

* Widespread public opposition should be listened to. ˜Am I next?”

* Look at the ILO protection for the right to strike that Australia is supposed to comply with.

* How are these complex details to fit in with the major government plan in October?

* The BCII Bill may reasonably be rejected or be rolled into a likely Senate Inquiry into the main Workplace Relations Act (1996) amendments.

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Rights on site campaigns to abolish the ABCC

Rights on site campaigns to abolish the ABCC


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