Right to strike

Campaign for the Right to Strike.

Unionists organising for the right to strike and for the effective strike I urge all unionists to press for the right to strike if the ALP wins government and Bill Shorten is PM on July 2nd. Considerable union pressure would have to be put on the ALP to move to legislate for the lawful strike. […]

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Marx on profit

Michael Lebowitz on socialism

Marxist author Michael Lebowitz, who writes and researches the problems and possibilities of building a socialist alternative, gives a talk on what socialism might look like in this century and the differences with 20th century socialism as represented by the developments in the Soviet Union. http://links.org.au/node/4729 Speaking at the “Socialism in the 21st Century” conference […]

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SA Nuclear waste dump questions

Nuclear un-clear: Some questions that need answers before South Australia becomes the world’s nuclear waste dump by Dr Tony Webb June 2016 Where is it coming from and where is it going? • Where is this waste coming from? The Royal commission speculates about various countries wanting us to take their waste but there’s nothing […]

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capitalist crisis severe

On Bankers

Bankers and bourgeois democracy Some views from Australia (Compiled by Humphrey McQueen, 21 April 2016) A fiction on capital – financial and fictitious House of All Nations, the 1938 novel by Christina Stead, is described by The Oxford Companion to Australian Literature (1994) as “epic in scale, encyclopaedic in detail, cinematic in form, it is […]

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Feel the Bern 4

Earlier post on Feel the Bern here http://chriswhiteonline.org/2016/05/feel-the-bern-3/ so what happens now to the Bernie Sander’s campaign after the struggle at the Democrats’ Convention? Sanders on beginning the revolution http://www.commondreams.org/news/2016/06/16/sanders-supporters-beginning-our-revolution-not-end Bernie Sanders’ San Francisco, California Rally: The Pictures You Need to See http://heavy.com/news/2016/06/bernie-sanders-san-francisco-rally-gotv-concert-pictures-presidio-crissy-field-ca-photos-pics-how-many/ 1.When in the US in Chicago at a Labor for Bernie campaign […]

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Protest Pine Gap september 16

Come for Peace to Alice Springs National IPAN Conference October 1 and Pine Gap Convergence September 26 to 30. Pine Gap is a joint US-Australia military spy base that occupies Arrente land near Alice Springs. It is one of around 700 US military bases located outside of the US. It is vital to US military […]

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Sanders anti-war

Feel the Bern 3

Following on from the earlier posts, these commentaries on the Bernie Sanders campaign are interesting. 1. Congresswoman and ex-Army Tulsi Gabbard endorses Bernie Sanders on The Rachel Maddow Show. If we are wasting trillions of dollars trying to overthrow regimes and rebuild countries, we won’t have the funds to support all the programs we need […]

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Feel the Bern 2

Bernie Sanders pulls off shock victory over Hillary Clinton in Indiana http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/may/03/bernie-sanders-wins-indiana-democratic-primary Updated from this earlier post http://chriswhiteonline.org/2016/04/feel-the-bern/ Sanders wins big http://www.huffingtonpost.com/seth-abramson/5-reasons-bernie-sanders-wins-big-with-cruz-dropout_b_9834348.html Watch Sanders video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgD_ibRh9Fk&feature=player_embedded FBI findings http://www.huffingtonpost.com/h-a-goodman/clinton-should-concede-to-sanders-before-fbi-reveals-findings_b_9836720.html 1. Three Next Steps in the Political Revolution Bernie Sanders can’t do it alone. by Larry Cohen Bernie Sanders will campaign all the way up to […]

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Video new Iraq Labor Law from US Labor against the War

I was able to attend in Washington US Labor against the War conference. Here is the new video launched. “USLAW honors the international tradition of May Day by continuing our solidarity work with Iraqi unions and workers. This year we celebrate a major victory in the recent passage by the Iraqi parliament of a new […]

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