More on Whitlam Dismissal

1.Rundle: proving the CIA-backed conspiracy that brought down Whitlam A missing part of the puzzle concerning the dismissal of the Whitlam government might have been hiding in plain sight for some time — buried in the memoirs of senior public servant Sir Arthur Tange, permanent head of the Defence Department during the Whitlam years. In Defence Policy-Making: […]

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Joe Hill by Mike Alewitz

Joe Hill – The Man Who Never Died concert

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
 Alive as you or me
 Says I, But Joe, you’re ten years dead I never died, says he
 I never died, says he. Labour, Anti-War Singer/Songwriter and Folk Musician Returns to Australia to Celebrate Joe Hill! Melbourne Saturday 28th November VTHC Bella Union 2pm. Come celebrate the […]

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Ongoing Timor Leste oil /gas battle with Australia

Earlier posts http://chriswhiteonline.org/2015/09/tl-oilgas-dispute-with-australia-continues/ http://chriswhiteonline.org/2014/09/australia-steals-timor-leste-oil/ Update: Special Lateline http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-25/east-timor-greater-sunrise-spy-scandal/6969830 ‘Matter of death and life’: Espionage in East Timor and Australia’s diplomatic bungle A luta continua Xanana Gusmao calls on Australians to get vocal and support a fair go in the Timor Sea Wednesday, November 18, 2015 Former President of East Timor Xanana Gusmao has called on […]

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Indonesian fires: world environmental crisis – corporations responsible

1. Setting a country alight: Indonesia’s devastating forest fires are manmade The Guardian (Australia) – November 7, 2015 Irhash Ahmady and Sam Cossar-Gilbert We are witnessing the worst manmade environmental disaster since the BP gulf oil spill. Huge, out-of-control fires rage through the forests of Indonesia — and the source of many is the practice […]

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Paris: Your Wars – Our Dead

Responses: “Your Wars – Our Dead” Many of us are fearful of the reaction upon reaction which our rulers will unleash. A renewed cycle of war and terror – terror and war. Scared also of the murder upon murder which the forces of the racists and the far right would like to unleash – thus […]

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Saving the Great Barrier Reef: more action

Background: http://chriswhiteonline.org/2015/08/environmental-crisis-save-the-great-barrier-reef-campaign/ Earlier I posted that the world’s largest coal mine was proceeding. “Environment” Minister Hunt gives the go-ahead, but now a further legal challenge by ACF and environmental groups are campaigning even more strongly. This mine must be stopped to save the Great Barrier Reef. This is one vital campaign to support at the […]

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Campaign against the TPP

I post various arguments against the TPP Trans Pacific Partnership that has been signed and to be ratified by each country. Updates first: The TPP text has been released and our fears confirmed – it’s time to organise major activities. It is not over yet.Unions and communities in US, New Zealand and Japan are gearing […]

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Beyond Capital

If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich? by Michael Lebowitz

If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich? by Michael A. Lebowitz Dear Reader, we place these articles at no charge on our website to serve all the people who cannot afford Monthly Review, If you read our articles online and you can afford a subscription to our print edition, we would very much appreciate […]

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5 Balibo

On Balibo

We can’t forget the lessons of Balibo Nick Xenophon and Clinton Fernandes Six journalists were killed and it shouldn’t have been swept under the carpet. Forty years ago on Friday, five young men met their deaths in a small corner of a foreign field. Gary Cunningham, Brian Peters, Malcolm Rennie, Greg Shackleton, and Anthony Stewart […]

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